Friday Food Find: The Biggest Mandarin in the World

Recently I found myself walking around the market perusing the produce. I felt a tap on my shoulder, turned around and saw a person with a huge orangy & bumpy piece of citrus in hand.  “Miss, would you like to try a piece?” he said.    But of course, I chimed back.  He handed me a segment.  I took it, placed it in my mouth and bit down.  Immediately there was a burst of bright sunshine; rays of sweet juice exploding in my mouth.  I think I may have found nirvana.

Who knew that it could happen with a sweet not so little piece of citrus: the biggest madarin in the world.

 The Sumo.  

It can be found in local markets such as Whole Foods and Central Market.  Check it out because they won’t be in the markets for long.  

If you are feeling a bit daring and rather than going for the easy peel, slice the Sumo and sprinkle a little cinnamon over the flesh.  It’s delish.