Friday Food Find: Arugula Flowers

While SXSW 2013 is going on I’m basking in the great weather here at the casa and pondering all the different ways I can use arugula flowers.

That’s right arugula flowers.  It’s what happens when you let your home-grown arugula go to seed - then flower.

Right now the bees are surrounding the flower tips.  With their droning bzzzz it sounds like they are warning me off this long awaited treasure.

And a treasure it is; I won’t be detoured.  

I took some scissors out to the garden this morning and playing nice with the bees I had my share of flower pickings.  

The arugula flower flavor is much like it’s leaves; a bit of spice with a lingering sweet note. With a winter white color and aubergine veins flowing throughout, it’s a perfect accoutrement to a salad, protein (meat or fish) or garnish. Using arugula flowers in any number of dishes just makes me happy!  

Enjoy your Friday Food Find!

p.s. Arugula is also called rocket or roquette.  So our arugula flowers could then be named rocket or roquette flowers.  Your choice!