Food should be exquisitely prepared as nourishment for both the body and the spirit.
— Beth Pav

Beth Vlasich Pav grew up in a family where the kitchen was a center of activity and food was a primary vehicle for conversation, experimentation and delight.

After beginning her career as a TV and video writer and producer, a two-month European journey became a culinary catalyst that changed the course of Pav’s life.  "Eat the native dishes of every country you visit," her father sagely advised as he bid her farewell.  Beth returned with gratitude and a passion for creating “the endless possibilities that begin with fresh, wholesome ingredients."  Soon, she enrolled in cooking school.  “So similar is a producer to a culinarian;” she says now, “both use visual tools to create a story.” 

Pav graduated from the L’ Academie de Cuisine and the Culinary Institute of America and trained under some of the nation’s top chefs. Later, she opened “Cooking by Design Culinary Studio,” located in the idyllic setting of the Texas Hill Country, as a home base for her range of offerings.

In addition to being a celebrated chef, Beth Pav is a renowned Culinary Instructor, Food Stylist, Recipe and Menu Developer, Writer, Public Speaker and Consultant. Her popular Online Journal and print articles are enjoyed by thousands of enthusiasts who rely on her gastronomic, lifestyle, and adventure-travel stories to inform them on creative ways to satisfy a variety of appetites.  She is also the President of Les Dames d’ Escoffier of Austin and is working on an upcoming cookbook.