Private Cooking Classes


Hosting a cooking class is so much fun!

Beth creates one-of-a-kind classes from Dinner in 30 to Vegetarian. She will develop a menu catered to you and your guests. Demonstration or hands-on cooking classes are held in the intimacy of your own home kitchen. 

No kitchen is too small or too large.




Below is just an example of the broad range of classes offered of Cooking by Design.

•  One Ingredient 4-Ways: Tomatoes, Rice
•  A Taste of Japan
•  French Bistro
•  Grilling 101
•  Cocktails at 5
•  A Moroccan Feast
•  Spanish Tapas
•  Asian Noodles
•  Soups and Stocks
•  Knife Skills
•  How to Cater Your Own Small Party

Your class includes
•  4–5 recipes
•  A recipe packet
•  Hands-on or demonstration preparation
•  Menu tasting 

Classes are offered
Monday through Saturday; morning, afternoon & evening.

How much does it cost?
$500 for up to 5 people plus the cost of groceries. 
Each additional person is $100.
•  Phone consultation
•  Custom menu and evening coordination
•  Up to 3-hour class
•  Grocery Shopping
•  Any food pre-preparation
•  Clean-up assistance

A chef’s assistant is required for classes more than 5 persons. Their fee and payment will be discussed during the consultation.