Flower Love

Friday Food Find: Flowering Leek from Casa Pav's Gardens

Have you ever seen something as beautiful as a flowering leek?  It’s one magnificent life force; pushing it’s soft miniscule flower pods out of a silky tough skin.  

My husband, Mike (gardner extraordinaire), will be pulling these gorgeous leeks this weekend so we might use the white bottoms for a BBQ.  So this was my last chance to share the bloom with you.


It’s my Friday Food Find; and a kind of gift to you - a flowering leek.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.  

Edible Flowers from the Garden; Winter's End

This week I’m having my last affair with our garden’s edible flowers.  And not just any flowers; but the flowers that come from lettuce & greens.  

They are simply, from left to right:

Red Leaf Lettuce • Pak Choi • Broccoli Rabe • Arugula

While the Red Leaf flowers closed after one day the others still stand on my supper table. Their delicate nature is leaving them a little worse for the wear.  

But they’ll be there for a few more days so that I may enjoy and pick a flower to pop it into my mouth.

Simply for the pleasure of tasting the end of a lettuce and greens Winter season.