Tuesday Tip: The Art of Layering

Only the middle of August but we are at Summer’s end.  Here is a pictoral commemoration of a fantastic tomato and basil season here in ATX.  Along with some thought on layering.

I love detail.  So, when I began making dishes for my business that was something extraordinarily important to me.  To combine ingredients with different shapes, color and texture is a form of art for me.  And to have cool ingredients like tomato and basil is super wondrous. 

When layering for a salad such as the one you see here are a few things to consider.  Always think about having like sized tomatoes.  Slice each the same width and length.  Use these same tips when buying and slicing your mozzarella. Pinch basil leaves so that they stand up to the size of the tomato and mozzarella.  Begin layering in this order: tomato, mozzarella, basil and repeat.  Keep all ingredients consistantly going in the same direction.  I call this pointing every “soldier” in the same direction.

I’ve had some friends and students say, “Beth isn’t that a little compulsive?”   And I say, “Absolutely not! It’s just a simple art form.”  And for today, it’s Tuesday’s Tip(s) on layering with Summer’s last tomatoes and basil.