Tuesday Tip: A Wondrous Photo App

When I first began this blog I decided that for this medium I wanted my pictures to look natural and in their true form; without a whole lot of juj and bedazzle. This is espcially true for my pictures of food.  Naturally I was curious about what type of camera I should purchase to take the best pictures.  Then I got an iPhone 3G.  Wow! Does it take a good picture.  In fact most of all the pictures I’ve taken on this blog have been with my iPhone.  And I haven’t felt too limited by it.  Maybe this is inexperience but so far so good.  That said, I did want to learn about new ways to shoot and edit with my phone.  So, I took a photography class especially for the iPhone. 

And this is what I learned.  There are a tons of iPhone apps you can purchase to help you shoot, edit and use special effect for that perfect picture.  We studied 10. 

Since class I’ve been playing around with them and quickly have realized that there are a few that I’ll use all the time.  The one that I’m absolutey hooked on is Pro HDR.   Your pictures come out with phenom resolution.  Shooting towards light and getting the backlit dark/light constrast will be a thing of the past.  You only need to touch the screen to take your picture.  And you have the ability to edit and add effects.  You do have to be still when it’s analyzing and taking both pictures (you’ll see how it works).  But you’ll get the hang of it quickly. 

The picture above is the first I took in class. I moved when the 2nd picture was processing.  Therefore, there’s a blurred effect. Then I added the word look.

Above is exactly how the app works.  It takes 2 pictures - one back and one forward, analyzes, processes each and then combines.

It’s a wondrous app and one I recommend for this week’s Tuesday Tip.