Friday Food Find: Japchei — A Noodle Bowl

“My mom started this restaurant because she hates to cook!” Fine words written on the side of a little unassuming building on 7th Street in downtown ATX. 

It’s a restaurant named Koriente and it’s probably one of Austin’s best kept secrets…especially for noodle bowls.

And I love Asian noodles.  Whether served cold or hot I can’t get enough! So when my husband said, “Let’s meet for lunch at Koriente”.  We did just that. 

I ordered a bowl of cellaphane noodles or as they describe them - sweet potato.  And that just means that the noodle is made out of sweet potato starch. 

The name of the dish is called Japchei.  And for a mere $7 you’ll get a whole bowl of Asian seasoned and sauteed noodles along with some vegetables.  For another $2 dollars you can have a protein on top e.g. tofu, mushrooms, chicken.  It was delish, inexpensive and one of the best noodle bowls I’ve had in our little corner of Central Texas. 

Let me just say, I’m glad that “mom hated to cook” otherwise I wouldn’t get to enjoy such a fabulous dish or share it with you.  Here’s to Japchei - Friday’s Food Find!