Friday Food Find: A Loaf of Bread, Because the Server Ate My Recipe

Jeez! I just spent 2 hours working on my blog post for today.  Went to save it - and it was GONE! 

Needless to say, that wasn’t a real fun experience.  And “jeez” was really not what I was saying when it happened.  But I feel a tad uncomfortable screaming that here on my blog!  Anywho, to get back to my happy place I started going through my pictures of travel…

Not to long ago I made a trip across the pond.  Paris was one of my destinations.  It was my second trip over and I was traveling alone. 

Every night before I went to bed I laid out the next days itinerary with great care.  Come morning I would map it over croissant, coffee and conversation with the hotel proprietors.  That in itself could have made my trip!  However, I was resolute. 

The famous Poilane was on the top of my list for food places to venture.  And food was what the trip was mostly about. 

I have the ubiquitous pictures of rows-of-loaves-of-bread.  But for some reason this is the one I love.

And, I don’t know, just because the server ate my recipe doesn’t make for a simple ‘ole loaf of bread!