Tuesday Tip: Ripen a Tomato on a Window Sill

We’ve had some really fabulous tomatoes come out of our gardens this year.  But we’ve also had some really pesky birds, worms and white flies.  All with thier own special way of breaking down our precious fruit.  It can be a big disappointment going out for the morning pick and seeing an entire tomato vine demolished. So here’s my Tuesday Tip to beat those damaging demons at thier game.  One that’s been done for centuries in one way or another. 

Just pick the tomato right before it’s ripe.  Take it into your house and set it on a window sill.  One where it will meet with a little sunshine.  Soon enough - maybe a couple of days or maybe more - it will ripen. 

It may not be the perfectly summer ripend, take-off-the-vine-now, warmed-from-the-sun, bite-into-with juice dripping down your arm experience.  But all the same, you’ve detoured around having your tomato damaged. It’s been ripened by the sun. And it’s going to taste pretty amazing!  All from just resting on the window sill.