Halloween Decor

While I wouldn’t say I’m a Halloween lover there are a few things that I do like to keep in fashion around my house, Casa Pav.  And that is the decor that in itself demontrates the holiday.  

When I first began picking up pieces for my Halloween decor I had kids in mind.  My husband and I were working on the “task” of having children and I felt like I should start preparing by buying all sorts of fun holiday decor pieces.  Which goes right in line with my MO; not being too practical.  I was all about the surface decoration rather than the real inside preparedness of having a child.   

Living Room

Sadly, the kid thing didn’t work out for us.  However, the decor did and still does.  It’s sure not a replacement.  But it does make me feel good to have a few designated pieces of Halloween or that which demonstrates it placed around my home.  

Dining Room Table

Each piece has it’s place whether outside or inside.  One of my favorites is the candy corn man that sits outside greeting people when they visit.  Another is the witchy pumpkin cat that sits upon the counter in the guest bathroom.

Guest Bathroom

So, for not having a pure love for Halloween I think I’m doing pretty good.  I keep the decor simple; a little elegant and weirdly somewhat full of smiles.  

Happy Halloween from Casa Pav - sans kids!