Friday Food Find: Cranberry Sauce

It’s the Holiday’s…with a capital H!  OMG! In just a little over a week some of us are going to be sitting down to a table full of turkey and fixin’s.  It has only been as an adult have I come to like, enjoy and even crave one this holiday’s most precious accouterments: cranberry sauce.  Oh, the beet colored, jelly shaking, tin can indented blob of what some may call cranberry sauce still exists.  In fact it’s what I grew up with and most probably why I didn’t appreciate how wonderful it could really be.  You know, I’m not judging, I’m just saying, “There’s another way; and, it takes 3 ingredients (1 optional) and no cooking what-so-ever”.  I don’t imagine you can beat that.  Can you?  Here’s the recipe. Hopefully, this will be you most joyous holiday Friday Food Find evah! I know it’s been mine.


1 bag of fresh cranberries, rinsed & gently patted dry (does not have to be perfectly dry)
1 small to medium size, seedless orange, cut into 6 pieces (however you want to do it) leaving the skin on
up to 1Tbsp of sugar (I use raw)


Place cranberries and orange pieces into a food processor.  Begin processing until all ingredients come together to form a pureed relish type consistency (see picture).  Taste.  If the mixture is too bitter add suger a little at a time (processing in-between & scraping down sides of processor) until the sweet level is perfect for you.  This may take more that a tablespoon.  The sweeter the orange the less sugar you will need or at all. 

Use a spatula to remove cranberry sauce from processor.  Place into a container you can seal tightly.  It will last up to 1 week.

Yields up to 10 small servings.