Friday Food Find: Cadbury Chocolate!

Enough said! Well, maybe…

The first time I tried Cadbury chocolate I was backpacking through Europe.  I had the most insatiable desire for chocolate.  With a 40lb backpack on my back and a 10 pounder on the front side I sidled through a small convenient store door on a London street corner.  Walking up and down the aisles I found my chocolate destination in a small bag of Candbury chocolate discs.  

I tore open the bag and slipped the first sweet chocolate disc into my mouth.  It touched my tongue and melted into creamy goodness.  It was an instant love-affair; and it hasn’t abated since.

In fact, it’s been a lesson in discipline having to wait for my special Cadbury Chocolate Mini Eggs (and I don’t mean the Cadbury Cream Egg); which come around only for Easter.  

These chocolate eggs with the speckled candy coating are my all-time favorite.  I stock-pile packages, place them in the freezer then take them out sparingly for a few months enjoyment.

They are my Friday Food Find!  You can find them in most markets along with the big box stores that carry any number of seasonal candy items.  They come out several weeks before Easter and usually sell out by that time.