Friday Food Find: A (My) Perfect PB&J & Dad's Lunches

There’s no denying it.  I love a peanut butter and jelly sammich!  And if I’m going to indulge it better be pretty darn close to perfect. 

I’m not sure when my little  pb&j love affair began.  But it’s safe to say that it probably all started around the time when my Dad began making lunches for my sisters and me. 

While my Mom worked the daytime shift as an RN at the hospital, Dad was going to graduate school and taking care of us kids.  And did he have a lunchtime repertoire.  It went like this: 1/2 peanut butter and jelly sandwich (grape jelly), cottage cheese and a 1/4 pickle.  Sometimes he’d shake it up a bit and we’d have fruit, cheese or even a fried egg sandwhich w/ mayo.  

Dad would bring our small plates of food out to the living room. And we’d have a picinic while watching “Let’s Make a Deal”.

Now that’s a food memory. 

So, today I find myself thinking about that memory all the while making one of my favorite sandwiches: a (well, my) perfect PB&J.  It’s all about perception and taste - right? And for me a craving of a delish flavor dynamic & texture that can’t be beat.  Here it is.


2 pieces of your favorite bread (I used a sprouted wheat bread. A nod to healthy eating.)
2Tbls of your favorite peanut butter (I use only Peter Pan)
1 1/2Tbls of jelly or jam ( I use only Smuckers Grape)

Process & Pictures

Place one of your two pieces of bread on a plate.  Slather your peanut butter side to side & edge to edge; like icing a cake.  On top of the peanut butter spoon jelly or jam in the center.  With a knife or small off-set spatula begin spreading the jelly as you did the peanut butter while gently bring the two ingredients slightly together.  Lick the knife or spatula of remaining pb&j, set aside and place second piece of bread over the first.  Align all sides.  Cut down the center for two even halves.  Eat immediately with abandon & joy! 

p.s. I’ve published this blog on Thursday because of the ACL Music Festival this weekend. Mike (hubby) are there all 3 days.  OMG!