Friday Food Find: A Bahn Mi Pizza

When it comes to pizza I’m pretty much a purist.  So when my husband called me last night to say he was bringing home a few slices of a Bahn Mi pizza I was alot curious though a bit ambivalent.  

A Bahn Mi is basically a Vietnamese sandwich.  Traditionally a breakfast food, it is a combination of meats, pate, pickled vegetables, herbs and a some heat usually in the spread.  It’s all placed inside a beautiful crusty, soft-on-the-inside baby French baguette.  Believe it! The Vietnamese make some of the most delicious bread I’ve had.  It is the French influence, of course.

After the last trip to Vietnam we picked one up on our way to the airport.  Here’s what we noshed on for only $.75.  

Mike walk in the door and said, “Babe, you gotta try this pizza!” So I did.  

It was really divine.  The combination of little salty bites of sausage, briny pickled vegetable, fresh cilantro, heat from jalapeño and the mildly sweet bread-y crust made for one flavor and mouth sensation.  I couldn’t believe it; a bahn mi pizza?  But it really worked. 

I finished off the last piece today for a lunch left-over and it was just as good.  

As you can see I’ve eaten this pizza second hand.  I didn’t go to the actual house in which it was made.  And my husband had it catered.  That said we’ll be on way to have some again and you should too.

You’ll just have to hop in the car and drive on out to Pinthouse Pizza Craft Brewpub in North Central Austin.  

Here’s to the Bahn Mi; my Friday Food Find just for you!  Enjoy.