Wednesday Food Tip: Berries on the Edge!

It never fails! I always pick up a few cartons of berries at the store when I shop. Once home I clean them up with visions of eating them in so many different ways.

Inevitably and as hard as I might I never go for a fresh bowl of berries. Nor do I whip up something luscious with them. Instead, I’ll opt out and go for something like ice-cream or a piece of chocolate. Well, when given the choice anyway.

Therefore, what happens? Those beautiful berries get pushed back into the fridge and are lost for a while. Once I remember they’re there they look pretty sad. But still usable in some form.

So here’s what I do. I cut off the stems and all yucky parts. Get rid of the moldy berries and those that surround them. Slice and put them in a small non-reactive sauce pan. Then cook them for 1-hour. And I get a nice little fruit “sauce” to put on my ice-cream. Not bad, huh? Below are pictures I took of the cooking process so you know how the sauce should look.

By the way, any leftover berry will do.  Here I used straws and blues.  And always cook the berries over low heat; so as not to burn them. 

The beginning, at 20 minutes and at 1-hour consecutively.