Tuesday Tip: A Knife and Cutting Board

Safety in the kitchen is so important.  We all know this but sometimes it’s the little things that may cause catastrophe; especially with a knife.  One of the first rules a budding chef learns in school is how to use a knife. Also that the knife is an extension of our primary kitchen tool, the hand. Therefore, it should be respected and handled with reverence. 

How to place a knife when stepping away from a cutting board is a very important part of knife safety. Why? If a knife is placed in a precarious position on a cutting board let’s say blade facing inward. Inadvertently the hand or finger may brush against the blade while trying to pick something up or move something on the cutting board. Very fast and simply that brush agaist the knife could cut the skin wide open. Particularly if this is a super duper sharp blade.  It’s just not worth it.  

So, the cut-saving, safer and more organized way to place a knife on a cutting board while working is placing it blade side out. Or in other words positioning the  knife so that the blade is turned away from you. 

And that’s my Tuesday Tip!