Tuesday Tip: Storage for Edible Leaves

I’m learning a lot as I write for this blog, take courses on branding and have good friends staying with me for summer vaycay. How does this relate to understanding the best storage for a soft, easily disenigratable ingredient? Well, it’s about writing consistently and to the point. Understanding the difference between brand and branding and how to put it out there. And finally having a friend here pointing out the most simple of tasks. An action taken every time I return from the market.  One I’ve considered fodder but now according to my friend valuable.  Here’s the Tuesday Tip! 

After coming home from the market, take your pre-packaged salad leaves (or some may say lettuces) and transfer them to a large lidded container. Place the lid tightly on top and store in the refrigerator. This will enable you to de-compress and fluff the lettuce leaves allowing airflow which in turn will slower the speed of designation. Whether you purchase pre-packaged lettuce leaves or whole heads I recommend you use this tip to ensure a longer life for your edible leaves.

p.s. I’ve used a Rubbermaid cake keeper. This is a tool that I’ve had around always and never used for cake. But for my edible leaves it’s perfect!!!!