Sesame Seeds: A Toasting

Sesame seeds are those little tiny “flat” seeds that stick to the top of your mouth, lodge in-between your teeth and give you that familiar crunch when munching down on them. And you can’t just munch on one seed. No, it’s at least several at a time. If you are a fan, like me, then here is a quick and simple way to toast your most commonly found hulled sesame seeds.

As the seeds touch the heat in a hot pan, the perfume that hits the air is earthy, mellow and heady.

1/2 C of hulled sesame seeds

Place a small sauce pan on the stove. Bring heat up to medium. The inside bottom of the pan should feel hot to the touch. Pour sesame seeds into pan. Distribute the seeds so that they coat the bottom of the pan evenly. Do not walk away! Watch over the seeds lovingly; moving them around gently every minute or two. You will notice that the seeds will begin to have a shine to them. This is the oil coming out of the seed as it heats up. The heat will cook the oil making the seed turn a golden brown.

Once the seed has turned a golden brown take the pan off the heat and gently scatter the seeds on a cool surface. This will rapidly stop the cooking so that the seeds will not overcook or burn.

Store seeds in an airtight container & in a cool place. The seeds will last for up to 2 weeks. I love to eat toasted sesame seeds sprinkled in salads, on cooked fish, in rice and on toasted sweet buttered bagels. Tip: Never leave your seeds alone on the stove.