Musing on Why I'm Going to a Writer's Retreat

Today I find myself on a 2-stop airplane ride to a bloggers retreat, in Washington, DC.  I decided to attend this retreat for several reasons:

1. I’m committed to growing the blog I already began several years ago.
2. I need to be in contact with other bloggers; to meet them and hear their stories.
3. Find out the future of blogging, specifically for food oriented blogs.
4. Get a clear understanding of how to run a successful blog.
5. To see old friends and make new friends.
6. To write about it.
7. To visit DC & have a hotel room all to myself!

When I first began my thought into blogging (and that’s just what it was) many years ago I was attending another writer’s conference at The Greenbrier in West Virginia,

I had been a writer and producer in television and for industrial video.  While I had just begun to make some serious money I decided to change careers and moved to the service hospitality industry.  I went to culinary school, worked as a cook in restaurants and catering companies, worked catering sales and eventually became a culinary instructor, a personal chef and boutique caterer.  I ended up putting all these jobs together and building my own business called  Proudly, and with the help of my husband, I built a commercial kitchen and business from the ground up.  It was utterly exciting! 

By the time I found my way to The Greenbrier, though, I was ready for a change.  I wanted to bring all my experiences, talents and thoughts together; round it out bringing it all full-circle.  How was I to do that? Cook, write, teach and or lecture?  Well, I found myself intrigued with this new concept of putting your thoughts, experiences, expertise on-line and in your own voice for the mass to see.  At that time it was relatively new, in other words there weren’t thousands of food blogs.  It seemed we were just defining what a food writer was and in course what a food blogger would be? 

I rubbed elbows with some very well-respected cookbook authors, cooks, writers (in every medium) and food bloggers.  One person I met has and will continue to be a true inspiration for what writing a blog (in my mind) is. Her name is Heidi Swanson  What she said during her presentation really stood out for me.  While I can’t remember her exact words, she said something like, “I began this blog as an outlet to share the things I enjoy,  natural foods and photography. “  Now she is one of the leading food bloggers in the world. 

That was several years ago.  I thought I was ready then but alas I still had to experience some life, not be afraid and believe in myself.  This led to the timely close of my business and a journey which I now embark on beginning with this cross country trip to our nation’s capitol and a writer’s retreat all about food blogging.  Here to writing a food blog!

p.s. this photo was taken by the wonderful Cory Ryan