A Little Blue for Memorial Day — Blueberry Ricotta Cake

A recipe comes to someone in so many ways and often with several degrees of separation.  This one comes from my mother, Carol, via her friend in San Mateo, CA via Bon Appétit 5.10 via the Huckleberry Bakery & Café. WHEW!  How’s that for attribution?  By popular demand for my FB and Twitter friends - it’s back!  And just in time for your Memorial Day weekend party.  This cake is super outdoor friendly and a sure crowd pleaser! Happy Memorial Day and enjoy.

Special Equipment

10in. springform pan w/ 2 ¾ high sides 
3 medium size bowls 
1 large bowl


3 C fresh blueberries 
2 Tbls for blueberries 
1 1/3 C all purpose flour  
2/3 C yellow cornmeal 
2 tsp baking powder 
2 tsp baking soda 
6 Tbsp vegetable oil 
2 large eggs 
1 Tbsp vanilla extract 
1 tsp honey 
10 Tbsp (1 ¼ sticks) unsalted butter, room temperature 
¾ C plus 3 Tbls sugar, divided 
1 ½ tsp salt 
1 C ricotta cheese 
½ C yogurt, plain (I love the richness of Greek yogurt) 
Nonstick vegetable oil spray 


Preheat oven 325° 
Spray springform pan with non-stick oil. 

Place blueberries in a medium bowl.  Sprinkle 2 Tbls of flour over and mix gently until blueberries are lightly covered.  Place in a sieve and jiggle over sink to gently remove any excess flour.  Set aside.   
Whisk first flour, cornmeal, baking powder and soda in a medium bowl.  Whisk oil, eggs, vanilla and honey in another medium bowl.  With electric mixer, beat butter, ¾ C plus 2 Tbsp sugar and 1 ½ tsps salt in large bowl until creamy.  With mixer running on medium gradually add egg mixture; beat to blend.  Beat in flour mixture just to blend. Add ricotta and yogurt; beat on low speed just to blend.  Add floured blueberries and fold into mixture.  Sprinkle remaining sugar over batter.  Place in oven and bake cake until golden and a tester inserted into the center comes out clean.   

Yields 12 servings 

Note:  Crusty on the outside and super moist & dense on the inside. 

* Prior to mixing into the batter always flour fruit pieces a bit that the fruit does not sink to the bottom of the pan when baking.